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Societies’ registrar, who had commissioned the investigation after Tasman M.P., Dr. Nick Smith, had expressed his concerns.  Charges of negligence and professional misconduct were subsequently held against a Wellington solicitor.

Insider Trading Case (1993)

Assisting a barrister, for the Court of Appeal hearing; in the issues of write-offs, write-downs, negative pledge ratio breach and the impact on the “going concern” status of the accused company.  The appeal under the new “complaining shareholder legislation” was unsuccessful.

Major government department (1991)

Evaluating, as a member of the “Farrant Review Team”, the financial management systems of the Department.  The Department was the largest consumer of public funds with an appropriation in 1991 of nearly ten billion dollars (five hundred million of which were for administrative costs).  Many of the recommendations made by Mr. Farrant in his report were implemented and others involving structural issues were taken into account in the course of the Department’s organisational review.

Major Petroleum exploration comapny (1990)

Setting up a computerised accounting system for the general ledger.

A separate recording and monitoring system was also set up for oil futures traded by the company on the New York Mercantile Exchange.  The very profitable hedges, determined by the board, were disclosed in the subsequent annual report of the company.

New Zealand Post (1989)

On the recommendation of the auditors (Coopers and Lybrand); assisting senior management in finalising the first audited annual report of New Zealand Post – the new state owned enterprise.  After co-ordinating substantial work, especially in the bank reconciliation area, the annual report was completed and the auditors issued an “unqualified report”.

The Rural Banking Corporation of New Zealand (1989)

Reviewing branch/head office financial reporting for management.  After visiting sample branches in Dunedin and North Auckland, branch-clearing accounts were identified as requiring follow-up.  The auditors subsequently confirmed the correct branch/head office interface.

The New Zealand College of Management (1989-1992)

Designing and selecting presenters for the first week long course of “finance for senior executives” in 1989.  The courses, each year, were then directed (including sourcing additional presenters) until 1992.

The New Zealand Shipping Corporation (1986)

Reviewing the accounting function of the Sydney office and subsequently reviewing of the accounting function of the United States offices, in Long Beach (California) and Newark (New Jersey).  The reviews resulted in closer oversight of the Sydney office from New Zealand and the immediate appointment of a financial controller in the Long Beach office.


Compulsory professional education as required by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants


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